We are excited about our new blog!

Hello and welcome to the official blog for Genesis Hospitality Group! We are available to serve organizations all over the United States of America and are proud to to call Chesterfield, Virginia Home!

Quite often we are asked, “What does Genesis Hospitality Group do? Are you in the hotel industry? Restaurants? Catering?”. The answer is simple, yet in depth: Yes. We are in the hotel, restaurant, and catering industry. We are also in the Healthcare, Automotive, Banking, Air transport, fashion, and retail industries (This list is endless). We are everywhere because our specialty is required in every single industry that exists.

Our specialty is Customer Service.

Genesis Hospitality Group provides intellectual tools to its clients so they are able to go beyond the norm of satisfied customers, and create a LOYAL clientele.

We hope to see and hear from those that choose to read our blog. What are your thoughts? What struggles do you have as a customer, employee or employer?

Keep your eye out for updates. We will be sharing tips and advice on here regularly as well as praising companies that are doing exceptionally well by their customers!



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